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Henning's Extra Sharp 10 year Cheddar Cheese

Henning's Wisconsin Cheese

Colored Cheddar aged over 10 years. - 7oz

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Colored Cheddar aged over 10 years. - 7oz

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This is a mouthwatering cheese with an abundance of flavor that is great by itself or with mild crackers that don’t hide the flavor of the cheese. Goes well with a variety of good wines.
Posted by Robert Macintosh on Jan 6th 2024

The 9 and 10 year cheddar are for true aficionados only. Don't waste their perfection on those who cannot tell the difference from store bought vs this hand crafted and cured delicacy. Crisp with bits of salty goodness that melt on your tongue. We save them for holidays and special occasions.
Posted by Susan on Dec 7th 2023

Fantastic flavor with a great texture, always the favorite cheese at a tasting
Posted by Scott Laufenberg on Feb 2nd 2023

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Ingredients: Pasteurized Milk, Salt, Annatto Color, Enzymes, Cultures