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Henning's Mozzarella Cheese

Henning's Wisconsin Cheese

A semi soft, reduced fat cheese. - 13oz

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A semi soft, reduced fat cheese. - 13oz

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Henning's mozzarella has less fat that other mozzarella and, yet, is the tastiest we've  found. We find many mozzarella cheeses to be soft and mushy, but Henning's is solid without being hard. We have seven grandchildren, and we cook for them a lot, including pizza and sandwiches, and they happily go through a lot of Henning's mozzarella. It is lovely when one can find such a great product made right here in our region of Wisconsin.
Posted by John on Mar 14th 2021

I did not care for the mango cheese. Didn’t like the sweetness. Summer sausage is good. I really like the Hatch spread; haven’t tried the Hatch chunk. I wish I had ordered extra sharp cheddar chunk. I like the Pine River Spread. Haven’t tried the others. I did recommend an acquaintance, Neal Wooten, to you. Don’t know if he ordered or not. He was hungry for cheese curds. I have liked all the curds.
Posted by Norma Griinke on Feb 14th 2021

Love your Mozzarella
Posted by Michael Colby on Aug 29th 2020

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Ingredients: Pasteurized Part Skim Milk, Salt, Cultures, Enzymes